Sunday, June 20, 2010


Where is the suitable place for relaxing? anything exciting? needs to get out of Kuching but can't spend a long duration for holiday.

Part of the solution is the Yes Union Retreat situated at Siar Beach, Lundu. It is a friendly environment and with a scenic area facing the ocean. The beach is gradually slope into the sea and it is not that deep. Thus, suitable for kids to play in the sea. Beach fishing which I have not try yet at this location.

For those who love swimming, there is a swimming pool just beside the main building. There is a restaurant and a small bar for the visitor.

The waterfall at the reception area.

Nice landscape with small pond.

The chalets for those with family. It has nice room.

I grade this place as for those who want a relaxing weekend without spending few hours of journey time.
I do proposed that if you do visit this place, you can also go to Gunung Gading National Park for their nature and the main attraction is the Rafflesia flower.
The nearest small town is the Lundu town, which have bank, petrol station and shops for your convenience.


  1. I've been here!

    Yes i wud totally recommend this place for any weekenders! plus, they have karaoke and open bar. and the beach is a minute away. the chalet is beautiful.

  2. positive comment...hmmm! I'm always into budgeted getaway~ seems nice!!!

    Thanks for sharing XDD