Thursday, October 29, 2015

Serian Bike Fest 2015

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 A couple of months ago, our Motorcycle Club 'Royale Riders' was being approached by the organizer for Serian Bike Fest 2015. We were approached as to host the 1st Serian Bike Fest on 24 October 2015 in conjunction and to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Serian District Council.

Activities was being line up by the organizer and the Royale Rider are to be the crew and host for the Ride from Serian to Kampung Mongkos (a Bidayuh Kampung). During the event, more than 200 bikes from various engine capacity rolled into Kampung Mongkos, with the Kampung community and committee welcome us with traditional dances in the Mongkos longhouse.

At the site of the Serian Bike Fest which is at the stadium, Tasik Danu Serian, activities such as slow ride, arm wrestling, dart competition, custom bikes show are still on going and attract much participants. In the afternoon the bikes convoy that went to Kampung Mongkos came back and join the festivity until in the evening time with live band being perform.

The Royale Rider, would like to thanks the organizer and participants for the Serian Bike Fest 2015. We will definitely do better in the next bike festival.

As that saying goes, pictures show a thousand words

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Motorcycle Riding, friends and places

Motorcycle riding has become a hobby realized after I bought my Ninja 250r SE in 2013. Through riding, I have met new friends with different types of characters and background which I call them Bros or Sister.  Some are joker, some serious, some are hardcore motorbike enthusiast. It is a whole new experience with whole new package as a rider. If you are not a rider and love motorcycle, you might want to start this hobby.

This will be a short post as I have not been posting for a while and will continue posting after this.

Here 2 pictures of our riding and will post more soon.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sarawak Culture Village

Sarawak Culture Village, the venue for the World Rainforest Music Festival. The international icon for rainforest music festival. I have been to Sarawak Culture Village various time either visiting or education visit. Surprisingly, the culture show always have a twist of different which makes every trip interesting.

The culture village, highlight the major ethnic group in Sarawak. In a small area, it hightlight the house, culture and daily life of the ethnic group to tourist.

The Malanau Tall House.

The Malay house.

The living room in the Malay house.

The Chinese farm house.

The main building where the culture show is perform twice daily.

The sourvenir shop near the entrance of the Sarawak Culture Village.

sunset at sea

Sunset: The magic hour, some might call it and some might call it a moment of romantic. Which ever it is, it is beautiful to watch the nice colour of the sky at sunset.

The pictures below was taken at sea. I always love sunset at sea as it is more relax maybe due to all the worries are left on shore. What ever the reason is. It is a therapy.
If you have a chance, i suggest you to have a nice holiday at sea and see the sunset.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Telaga Air

Weekend has always been a leisure time for all of us and the time going out of town to enjoy the scenery. Hence, a trip to Telaga Air, it use to be a small fishing village about 1 hour drive from Kuching City. Now, it have its own waterfront.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Beautiful Nature

We took this sunset picture in the plane. We love the beautiful colour of the sunset and also the cloud cover.

The view from above on some of the island in Sabah.

A quick snap of the sunset with a cloudy sky.

Love this pictures of water and calm sky.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Fishing: A Ray of Hope

Fishing : A Ray of Hope

Fishing has always been a stress releaser for those angler. It is not about the fish but it about the fighting quality. My friend was the happiess man after win fighting the spotted ray. The trip was in July 2010. Hopefully in 2011, the fishing trip will be more fruitful.

What a relieve, we through he is going to faint.