Monday, October 19, 2009

Ranchan Pool Recreational Park

Rachan Pool Recreational Park have always bring fond memories especially going picnic with family during my childhood years.

I always like to go to Ranchan pool as it is natural with modern facilities around. Ranchan pool is a public place where no charges is impose to visitor(s) who wish to do picnic and enjoy the montane stream.

a hanging bridge across the ravine.
Proper walk way being erected for the convenience of the young and old.
Tree top, walk way for the public to enjoy the forest canopy.
Chalets and hostel for visitors to stay. However, a minimum charges are impose for the hostel and chalet.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Traditional Musical Theater : Mak Yong

MaK Yong is a traditional performance which is conducted to the Malay Royal in Peninsular Malaysia. Thus, this theater have been handed down to the new generation of performer which now can be enjoyed by all.

We went to this theater at RTM Kuching. I love the music and appreciate the artistic of it but I do not really understand the language that being used during the performance.

The dancer of Mak Yong.
Beautiful traditional costume on the dancer. Love the music too.
One of the musician performing during the performance.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Kuching at Nite

I love Kuching at night especially some of the street with beautiful lighting and it is romantic. I guess couple and tourist love the night scene in Kuching, beautiful, calm and clean.

The photo below taken from the street at Sarawak Tourism Complex looking toward the river (Waterfront).

A picture taken in front of Sarawak Tourism Complex looking toward Carpenter street.

A view of the General Post Office (the white building). The building have quite a history. At the far back, the building lighted with warm light is the Merdeka Palace Hotel.

The entrance to Carpenter Street. It was call Carpenter Street because it used to have all sort of carpenter, gold smith etc. Even today you can still find some of the carpenters and gold smith.

Will publish more of Kuching City in the future. A good friend of mine have a good blog on Kuching too (willie)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sarawak Tourism Complex

Sarawak Tourism Complex is situated in center of Kuching town. The complex have a wonderful history as police station and also court house. I am still trying to get full information on the history of the Sarawak Tourism Complex.

Currently, it house the Sarawak Tourism Information Center and it have function room and theater for performance.

I took the photos after I attended the Musical Charity Concert. I love this place at night.

The center garden of the Sarawak Tourism Complex.

The 'Little Lebanon' restaurant is housed at this building.

The lovely lighted and beautiful landscape around the Sarawak Tourism Complex.

Over looking toward 'Carpenter Street'. Carpenter Street got its name because it used to have carpenter, goldsmith, tin smith etc. It still have goldsmith, tin smith etc but not as many now.

The huge pillar around the complex. From the pillar, most people knows who influence the architecture design... the British.
I will feature some other building next to the Sarawak Tourism Complex soon and will be regularly updating the night scene in Kuching. Till then... have a good day.